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Try OTDBASE for one month for only US$10. NOTE: you will be contacted within 24 hours to be given a username and password.
Sign up via paypal here ⇒

Payment Instructions

Pay via PayPal:
Select your subscription from the menu on the left and click the 'PayPal' button.

Pay by Cheque:
Pay by cheque in US funds (payable to OTDBASE) and mail to:

Marilyn Conibear
#401 - 1485 West 6th Ave
Vancouver BC V6H 4G1


Bank to bank electronic transfer also available - contact us via email.

Provide us with your email address to be notified of our bi-yearly open house! Click here to request invitation - subject as "Open House".

Subscribe to OTDBASE based on your group size:
One person only, not transferrable.
Small Group
20 individuals or fewer.
Institution/Large Group
Over 20 individuals. for example, university OT programmes, large hospitals, large groups. Each member of the institution/group will use the same username and password. If you would like to pay by mail, please fill out the institution subscription form and mail, with cheque or money order made out to OTDBASE, to the address on the form.

Pick Subscription

National OT Association

A special rate of a maximum of US$1.00 per year per registered member has been established for any National OT Associations - with a minimum of US$400.00 for very small national associations. Note : As the purpose of OTDBASE is to expose as many occupational therapists as possible to the international occupational therapy literature, all National O.T. Association subscription rates are negotiable. For further information contact: Marilyn Conibear, FCAOT - subject "National Association Subscription."